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Hackney Stripe Knit (Breeze Blue)


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Hackney Stripe Knit (Breeze Blue)

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Hackney Stripe Knit

Crafted using eco-friendly linen yarn in Sienne
Introducing the Hackney Stripe Knit.

Made from natural plant-derived yarns, 100% nitro, linen yarn of good quality is used, which is flexible and breathable. It is soft to the touch, so it does not irritate the skin, and it does not stick to the body, so it can be worn refreshingly even in the hot summer.

Made with long sleeveless fabric, more attention has been paid to blocking UV rays in daily life, and it is easy to wash stains with a natural material that is resistant to contamination and can be worn cleanly for a long time. It is characterized by its unique loveliness and vintage mood by composing a stripe line with a color palette selected directly from Sienne.

Create a variety of looks by layering with the inner, and feel the freshness of the Hackney Stripe Knit.
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