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Julia Goldish Dress (Navy)


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Julia Goldish Dress (Navy)

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Julia Goldish Dress

It has been loved steadily since its first release in 2019.
Julia Goldish dress.

Dresses that often appear in the European style section of the 90s from classic movies are reproduced in the mood of Sienne.

In order to create a stylish dress fit that is not overdone, it has been delicately designed from the length to the volume of the shoulder puff, and a narrow waist fit. The combination of gold buttons and navy color fabric gives a cool and luxurious feel.

Using a high-quality fabric weaved by blending linen and rayon, it has excellent sweat absorption and is characterized by a comfortable and light fit. By mixing rayon, also known as human silk, it relieves wrinkles that are characteristic of linen, so you can feel a calm fit.

It was created imagining our summer, where we spend a subtly stylish, slightly dressed up and elegant weekend.

We prepared two sizes so that you can wear it more beautifully according to your body type.

In the process of continuously developing the signature line, wages have risen due to reasons such as product durability and quality improvement. In addition, we will inform you of the part where the minimum price has been increased due to the increase in the cost of raw material and labor due to the corona virus and inflation.
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