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New Columbia Sweatshirt (Melange Gray)


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New Columbia Sweatshirt (Melange Gray)

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new colombia sweatshirt

One of the most loved sweatshirts of Sienne's signature line,
The Colombia sweatshirt is back with a new version.
It is characterized by using high-quality fabrics made of strong cotton, and the speed of the fabric is low compared to other fabrics, even if worn frequently.
With a light length and generous size, it is good to wear in a comfortable and stylish mood in everyday life.

When worn as a single item, Colombian printing printing and color matching of the fabric are enough.
It fully expresses its charm and features a loose and comfortable fit throughout.
It is made of tenter-processed fabric that holds the shape of the fabric well, so there is little distortion and good durability.

*Information will be given*
In the process of continuously developing the signature line, it was changed to a new fabric,
In order to improve the durability and quality of the product, the factory changed and the wage increased.
In addition, we will inform you of the part where the price has been increased at least due to the increase in raw and subsidiary material prices and labor due to the corona and inflation.
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