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Noir Cardigan_Black


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Noir Cardigan_Black

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norr cardigan

This is a Noor cardigan with an elegant and lovely design as Cienne's signature product.
It covers the body shape while highlighting the beautiful lines of women.
It creates a slim and calmly flowing fit. Made from a blend of wool and cotton,
You can feel the unique burst of diamond-shaped knitting.

It is also good to wear as a single item with a moderately deep V-neckline.
It can be worn stylishly with a semi-crop length.
The black button with a subtle gold border completes the charm of a classic and vintage Noor cardigan.

*Information will be given*
In 2022, due to inflation and the aftermath of the corona virus, yarn, freight costs required for supply and demand, and knitting processing costs were all raised, so the price was inevitably raised to a minimum.
Please kindly understand this part.
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