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Shabby Mohair Knit (Royal Violet)


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Shabby Mohair Knit (Royal Violet)

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Shabby Mohair Knit

Winter we love.
Introducing a special Chevy sweater that will make winter elegant and enjoyable.

This is a stylish chevy mohair knit with Sienne's unique attractive color and warm and cozy hairy yarn. Its greatest feature is that multi-colors are subtly blended to express beautiful and delicate knits that have never been seen anywhere else. It also shows a special presence in various spaces.

The mohair blend yarn used for knitting is an expensive yarn, and it is a premium yarn that has a complicated production process and takes a long time to produce. You can feel the specialness of the limited that can be seen in high-contemporary. The yarn with thin twist is specially knitted to make the weaving texture and firm, and the neat and hard finish of the neckline, sleeves, and hem enhances the product's completeness. Cienne's unique hair, touch, and dramatic knit surface were created. It has a loose fit and can be layered with various inners.

Mohair yarn may feel greasy depending on skin sensitivity.
This product is recommended for inner wear.

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