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Sienne Padding Bag (Cream)


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Sienne Padding Bag (Cream)

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Sienne Padding Bag

This is an attractive Cienne padded bag with a cute design and kitsch color added.

It is characterized by light weight and durability by quilting 6 ounces of thick cotton on 100% cotton fabric.
I gave a point by embroidering the Cienne symbol logo, and the lining color for each color was different to bring out the details.
The handle is also sewn with quilted fabric to further enhance the grip.

It boasts ample storage capacity to accommodate a 13-inch laptop, and can be used in a variety of ways, including daily bag, picnic, exercise, and pet walking.

We prepared 4 colors that fully capture the mood of Sienne.
Enjoy a colorful summer this summer with this Cienne padded bag.
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