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Washed Denim Shirt (Dark Blue)


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Washed Denim Shirt (Dark Blue)

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washed denim shirt

It is a denim shirt with a vintage mood that you can enjoy comfortably and casually. It is a seasonless item with a thick feeling that can be used as a single item in spring and autumn and layered in winter. A natural mood was created through garment damage washing on 100% durable cotton fabric. It has a characteristic that it can be used in a variety of styling with a moderate regular fit, and white stitching is added throughout to give a point that is not boring.

Added details to a natural fit.
Regardless of the season, enjoy a denim shirt that is full of chic style, whether worn over a T-shirt or rolled up sleeves, and full of taste, with the classic style of a denim shirt with a moderate weight that is thin and not flimsy.

We prepared a dark washed dark blue denim color.

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