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Yvon Tweed Jacket
(Provence Blue)


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Yvon Tweed Jacket
(Provence Blue)

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Yvon Tweed Jacket

This is a Yvonne tweed jacket with an attractive vintage feel.

It is characterized by adding a mood to 100% cotton fabric by pigment-dying it by taking advantage of the inherent cracks in the fabric.

The textured weaving adds a cool feeling to the fabric, and the bio-washing process provides a more flexible feel.

The outer pocket on the front of the jacket, round collar, and gold button details gave it a cool feel, and it was finished with color matching color Harry detail without lining for an optimal fit. The gold button closes or opens the jacket to make it look more stylish when worn.

The Yvonne Tweed Jacket, which can be worn until early summer, is prepared with a skirt and a setup. Try it sometimes luxuriously and sometimes casually.

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