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  • CAMPAIGN Summer Therapy
  • LOOKBOOK 2022 Summer Collection
  • 2022 summer collection part.2 begins as we leave a city full of complexity, busyness and tension.
    Like the Impressionist painters who painted the beauty of light, it contains the colorfulness of soil, trees, flowers, and sunlight.

    Take a deep breath and meet the beauty of summer.
    Summer therapy begins from now on.

  • CAMPAIGN Summer Therapy
  • LOOKBOOK 2022 Summer Collection
  • The warm sunlight murmuring between greeny leaves always make us heart-fluttering.
    2022 summer collection was filled with beauty, serendipity, and healing of love found in the romance of the season.
    We imagine a cool dip in the lake, lounging under tall trees, a walk in the lakeside forest, and a gentle summer breeze in hair.

    This coming summer, the most SIENNE-like story begins.

  • CAMPAIGN Mystery Lady On The Runway
  • BACKSTAGE 2022 Spring Capsule Collection
  • Nonchalantly bright in the color of sienne.
    Beautifully moving like a brisk walk on the beach.
    Tell sienne’s stories in our own way

  • CAMPAIGN Mystery Lady
    2022 Spring Collection
  • This year, Sienne mused on Vanessa Bell,
    whose delicate yet expressive colour works, as well as the balanced
    construction inspired our 2022 collection. Our spring palette filled with soft and subtle french colours
    will be a delight that’s worth the wait.

  • CAMPAIGN Flâneur; A City Walker
  • LOOKBOOK 2021 Winter Collection