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Robert Cable Cardigan_Oatmeal Beige

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Reinterpreting one of Cienne's much-loved signatures, the Old Father Sweater, and introducing the cardigan version of the newly created Robert Cable Cardigan.

I imagined our day sitting in a warm living room chair and focusing on our own time.
It is peaceful, calm, and lonely, but it contains the daily sloth of liking something light.
It was as if Mrs. Marilla of Anne with red hair was wearing a Robert Cable cardigan as she sat in the living room waiting for Anne. Or Mr. Matthew.

Thick wool is used, and wool is a yarn containing 65% of super fine wool, which is excellent in both warmth and lightness among wool, and features a soft touch.
Solid cash nylon yarn is also blended, so it has excellent spandex, and the product itself is heavy and thick, making it a cardigan with better warmth.
Nef yarn, which becomes a calming point, provides more special and uniqueness.
It was knitted to express more luxurious and sophisticatedly by repeatedly inserting cable knitted fabrics of different designs on the front, rear, and sleeve lips.

It is comfortable to wear with an overfit silhouette that wraps comfortably around the body, and added pocket details on both sides of the front for increased practicality.
In order to emphasize the luxurious and vintage mood of the product, brown real leather buttons were accentuated and quality was added.
We have prepared an oatmeal beige color that suits everyone naturally and an attractive green color with seasonality, and a color that is good to use for each color.

Fill one closet with a vintage Robert Cable Cardigan.

Super Fine Wool 65%
Nep 5%
Cash Nylon 30%

Manufacturer sienne
Date of Manufacture 2023.12
Made in Korea

Sleeve length
Sleeve hem
Beibei Tan Model is 165 cm tall and wearing a size FREE

 * Return is not possible if the tag has been removed.
* Depending on the location of measurement and the elasticity of the yarn, a 2–3 cm error may occur.


* Make sure to dry clean this product.
* Due to the nature of the thick yarn, the error range may be larger than that of other products, but it is not defective.
* Advanced buttons made using real leather buttons require special attention when washing and ironing.
* Due to the nature of the leather fabric, it is vulnerable to heat or water, which can cause discoloration and discoloration if strong heat is applied during ironing or steam.
* If you ask the laundry company to wrap the button separately with foil during dry cleaning, you can wear it prettier for longer without dyeing or discoloration issues.
* Due to the nature of the nefwonsa, the phenomenon of twitching/clumping may be noticeable, which does not correspond to the reason for defect.
* It may smell unique to our yarn, and there may be miscellaneous threads.
* Due to the thick yarn characteristics, there may be a nose twist / nose size difference, which is not a defect reason.
* Due to the nature of the cable organization, there is a joint that may look like a hole, which is not a defective reason
* When worn for the first time, the button hole may feel tight, which is made in consideration of areas that can easily stretch with use.
* There is a possibility of deformation, discoloration, discoloration, and discoloration when using a machine or dryer.
* We are not responsible for compensation if the product is damaged due to carelessness in washing.
* The color of the product may differ somewhat from the actual color depending on the user's monitor environment.

* You can find all product washing instructions on the care label.

*Sequential delivery within 20 days on weekdays.
It may be 2-3 days earlier or later than the guided schedule.


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